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Craig Young hails from the southwest coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. He’s been playing the guitar since the age of seven, and started playing in his first band around the age of 13, or so. Moving to Alberta in 1993 allowed Young to play lead guitar with several prominent local artists on the club scene. “The clubs are where I developed my playing,” states Craig. “Being in a four-piece band, where I was the only soloist, I had to cover everything from guitar to pedal steel guitar to fiddle. ... You just had to learn how to think on your feet.”


From the Atlantic Seabreeze:

Craig Young is a 36 year old country music singer/songwriter/musician born
in Pushthrough, Newfoundland and living in Nashville,  Tennessee when he recorded this album. He was playing guitar with the Terri Clark Band and performing all over North America, Europe and Australia with the band. He has been playing the guitar since the age of seven and performing with various country bands throughout his career. He has risen to the top with his guitar playing and won CCMA Awards for the past four years as part of the All Star Band for his outstanding guitar work.
Craig found time between tours to produce his new CD entitled, The History of Me. The CD contains 14 tracks in which Craig says, are all a part of him, the ones he wrote and the ones he didn't write. This is the reason why he titled the album, The History Of Me.
The CD was produced by Jeff Jones and Craig Young. One particular track on the album entitled, You Can't Take It With You, was very successful as well as the video. It was co-written by Terri Clark and Terry Clayton and Terri provided back-up vocals for the song. Most tracks on the album are pure country music and all songs are a welcome addition to today's country music. Craig does an outstanding job on all songs on the album, and there should be more hit songs from the CD.

In the album notes, Craig gives us a brief history of his life, all words to the songs are outlined in a very clear format and he gives an explanation why the song was written. Craig has released solo albums before, but this album tops all others he has produced. Atlantic Seabreeze gives this album top marks on its rating list. 


Simply put, Craig is one of Canada’s most talented and decorated country guitarists. He is a four time recipient of the Canadian Country Music Award for best guitarist and has made a successful career as a side musician for some of Canada’s finest country artists. He has contributed to the work of Terri Clark, Jason McCoy, and Carolyn Dawn Johnson and countless others who have sought to better their records by employing his exceptional playing. He has spent time in western Canada and Nashville, TN, all the while honing his craft, preparing for an eventual return to his home in Newfoundland where he now performs regularly and records for people all over the world from the comfort of his home studio in Paradise.

“Back Home” is a labour of love and longing to document the music of his home from the perspective of someone who has spent most of his adult life away from it. The album itself is a hybrid, merging the country styling that dominated much of his career and the traditional tunes that he grew up hearing at home in Newfoundland. The two genres blend in a very natural way stylistically and the union is made stronger by Craig’s effortlessly flawless performance. Craig’s vocal quality is cut from the pages of country music. It is smooth, clear and warm. There is an intrinsic honesty and conviction in his voice. The gratitude for being able to make a record about his home, on his own terms flows through every word. One for the interesting elements of the record is hearing themes related to Newfoundland being underscored by music with a heavy country influence. It cannot be stated enough how well performed and thoughtfully produced this record is. It is lush with mandolin and guitar, fiddle, bass and various forms of percussion. To get a true sense of Craig’s appreciation for his home, have a listen to the title track of the record. It is a nostalgic, heartfelt ballad written by Craig’s sister Francis. It is a sweet and tender tribute. “Back Home” is a must have for fans of country or traditional music, anyone with a love for fantastic guitar playing or anyone who knows what it's like to spend time away from the people and places they love. We’re glad that Craig made the trip home so that his dream of recording a record on his terms could be realized. It is a gem of an album.


Newfoundland has given birth to a plethora of world-class guitarists over many decades. Craig Young is one of them.
This fantastic sophomore release explores the gamut of Craig’s style, from full-on country & western to folk/traditional to dixieland jazz. Not just a sizzling hot guitarist (Terri Clark’s axe-slinger for several years), Craig possesses a rich warm voice – pure country & western tonality.
Joined here by a musical cast that includes Aaron Collis (Dardanelles), Leeland Wareham, Jenee Fleener and a jewel of a track with another brilliant guitarist, Duane Andrews, Craig Young is the front-runner for Newfoundland Country & western album of the year.
If you’re a fan of Marty Stuart, Chet Atkins or Alan Jackson, you should check out this truly talented picker/singer from Newfoundland’s southwest coast.


There is no greater or better exponent of Country and Western music in Newfoundland than the MusicNL award winner, Craig Young. But Craig is not your billboard Top 40 C&W. He’s a little Merle Haggard mixed with a dose of Townes Van Zandt and Rodney Crowell. As a guitarist, think Glen Campbell meets Marty Stuart – an exquisite picker, astute and soulful. This solo show is the “Jewel of the Crown” in his canon to date.
Recorded live at the Garrick Theater in Bonavista, Newfoundland in 2013 and 2014.


 Everyone knows guitarist-extraordinaire/singer, Craig Young for his catalogue of top-notch country/folk releases and multiple MUSICNL Awards. This is his first bluegrass album featuring a large cast of local talent.

His latest album, Don't Think Twice, is a collection of some of his favourite country and bluegrass songs. 

Now living in Paradise, near St. John's, performing, producing and teaching, Young is still rarely seen without a guitar in his hands.  

CBC Article Link


“Duane Andrews is a jazz guitarist extraordinaire, famous for his devotion to the style of jazz legend Django Reinhardt. Craig Young is one of the best country pickers you’ll hear anywhere. Put them together in a studio, and you’ll get magic.” (The Performance Hour – CBC Radio).
An evening with Duane Andrews and Craig Young will take you from the traditional music of Newfoundland and Labrador, down through the Appalachian mountains into the land of bluegrass and country music and across the ocean to French cabarets filled with gypsy and swing music. These two consummate guitar players complement their enchanting guitar styles with an occasional song from Craig’s rich repertoire.
This album features 11 instrumental tracks and one vocal track (The D-18 Song) carefully chosen to represent the various influences ranging from the gypsy jazz of legendary French guitarist Django Reinhardt (Confessin') to the 'Father of Bluegrass' Bill Monroe (Tennessee Blues) with a dash of traditional music from Newfoundland (Old Boney/ Good Morning You Would Like Some Tea). All of these influences are felt in the two original compositions offered by Duane (The Supermoon Rag) and Craig (Cat's In The Bag). The album title track is a tip of the hat to the late Canadian guitar hero Smiley Bates, and is a composition of Mr. Bates that both Duane and Craig learned in their pre-teen years as budding guitar pickers.
Duane Andrews’s music is the product of a great ear, an adventurous spirit and a love of music that is beyond category.  Uniting what would seem to be impossible – traditional Newfoundland music with the Gypsy Jazz of the legendary Django Reinhardt, Andrews makes it not just work – he makes it soar. As a multiple award winning guitarist, composer and producer he has literally brought his music to audiences around the world from his home in Newfoundland, Canada to Tasmania with stops in between on stages such as the Newport Folk and Cork Jazz festivals.
Originally from Francois, NL Craig Young has been playing the guitar since the age of seven and started playing in his first band around the age of thirteen. Rock n’ Roll and Country music became the main avenues of learning and a move to Alberta in 1993 allowed for Young to play lead guitar with several prominent local artists on the club scene. Eventually as a member of the Terri Clark band he relocated to Nashville Tennessee, where he was based for nearly eight years while touring extensively and performing regularly on stages such as the Grand Ole Opry and with other superstars such as Ricky Skaggs. Craig has won four CCMA awards for The Canadian Country Music Association All Star Band – Guitarist category and has had several top 40 singles, including the Top 10 Video on Canadian CMT for “You Can’t Take It With You” with the wonderful help of Miss Terri Clark. Craig now lives and performs in the St. John’s area and teaches at New Wave Music in Paradise. Craig’s latest solo release ‘Black Diamond Strings’ was named Country Album of the Year at the 2013 MusicNL awards where Craig also named Sidemusician of the Year.

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Fretboard Journey features four of Newfoundland and Labrador’s finest guitarists, Duane Andrews, Craig Young, Sandy Morris and Gordon Quinton who will take you down the line from Western Swing to Newfoundland Jigs with all stops in between. Fretboard Journey…ride along with these home-grown axe masters on a trip you won’t soon forget.
Their debut recording sparkles with individuality, camaraderie and the love of all things guitar. From the swinging groove of Wes Montgomery’s “Four on Six”, the bluegrass sparkle of “Blackberry Blossom” plus the beauty of the theme from “Land and Sea” and the Ron Hynes penned Newfoundland anthem “St. John’s Waltz” this disc is a must have for any fan of guitar playing and sure to be a local favourite for years to come. Preview it on iTunes.

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The album features a mix of holiday favourites, such as Frosty the Snowman and Winter Wonderland, Christmas carols, and even their take on Gordon Lightfoot's Song For A Winter's Night.

"Every musician wants to do an album of Christmas music," said Quinton, "It [the music} just lends itself to different musical adventures."

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