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The History of Me

  1. Can't Go Back

  2. Burn The House Down

  3. You Can't Take It With You

  4. She Always Gets What She Wants

  5. Plains of Abraham

  6. The Ballad of Henry Rose

  7. A Better Place

  8. We Like It This Way

  9. I Will Come Back Again

  10. Alberta Highway

  11. River of Sky

  12. The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

  13. The Glass

  14. A Part of Me


Black Diamond Strings

1. Black Diamond Strings

2. Terra Nova – Fog Rolling Over the Glen

3. A Little Hag in Me

4. High Heel Shoe

5. All That Keeps Me Going

6. Maggie’s Mandolin

7. The Tiger Rag

8. Flowers of Edinburgh

9. Pancho and Lefty

10. John Hardy

11. Old Nashville Cowboys


Back Home

1. Fisherman’s Favorite

2. Back Home

3. Anyway

4. I Followed Her Into the West

5. The Rollicking Skipper

6. On the Banks of the Grey

7. Mary On the Wild Moor

8. If I had Wings

9. Like a Dream

10. We Were Brothers

11. The Irish Washerwoman


Charlie's Boogie

1. Old Boney/Good Morning You Would Like Some Tea

2. Tennessee Blues (Bill Monroe)

3. Joe Batt's Arm Longliners (Frank Dwyer/Ron Kelly)

4. The Maid Behind the Bar (Traditional)

5. The Supermoon Rag (Chris Andrews)

6. Cat's in the Bag (Craig Young)

7. The D-18 Song (Jerry Faires)

8. Babik (Django Reinhardt)

9. Kelly Russell's Reel (Emile Benoit)

10. Port Tobacco (Tony Rice)

11. Confessin' (Doc Dangberty, Al Neiburg, Ellis Reynolds)

12. Charlie's Boogie (Smiley Bates)


Live at the Garrick Theatre

1. Intro

2. She's Gone Gone Gone

3. The Ballad of Henry Rose

4. Those Memories

5. If I Had Wings

6. Church Street Blues

7. Romeo and Juliet

8. Moonshiner

9. The Red Hair Boy

10. Back Home

11. Candlelight and Wine

11. Black Diamond Strings

12. A Part of Me

13. Freeborn Man

14. Why Worry


Fretboard Journey

1. Mr. Sandman (Pat Ballard)

2. St. John’s Waltz (Ron Hynes)

3. The Galliott Set (Traditional)

4. Why Worry (Mark Knopfler)

5. The Old Spinning Wheel (Billy Hill)

6. Troublant Bolero (Django Reinhardt)

7. Land and Sea Medley (Traditional/Sandy Morris/RalphWalker)

8. Four on Six (Wes Montgomery)

9. Wild Fields (Gordon Quinton)

10. The Tennessee Stud (Jimmie Driftwood)

11. Blackberry Blossom (Traditional)

12. Layla (Eric Clapton/Jim Gordon)


Don't Think Twice

  1. Roanoke

  2. Blue Railroad Train

  3. Glass On 29

  4. My Heart Never Lies

  5. Cora is Gone

  6. The Grey Owl & The Big Bear

  7. Johnny Picked the Flattop

  8. If I Lose

  9. Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright

  10. Have Her Sit On My Shoulder

  11. Old Dangerfield

  12. Almost Persuaded


Fretboard Journey Christmas Picks

  1. Frosty The Snowman

  2. Winter Wonderland

  3. Song for a Winter’s Night

  4. Greensleeves

  5. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

  6. Christmas Carol

  7. White Christmas

  8. Jolly Old St. Nicholas

  9. Jingle Bell Rock

  10. Silver Bells

  11. Just Because

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